What is HearthStone?

Since you are here, there is a good chance that you are all too familiar with what the HearthStone is already since the game is very popular in all gaming communities and amongst everyone who ever played any of the previous Blizzard games from the Warcraft universe or any Blizzard game at all for that matter. If, however, you by any havent heard of this brilliant game before, its best to think of it like this: Its a trading card dueling game from one of the most loved game developing companies in the world. But its much more than just that, isnt it? Well yeah, with HearthStone you dont just simply install the game and start dueling every player, no, its much deeper than that and according to Blizzard, their game is "deceptively simple" but also "insanely fun" and may i add deep, very very deep. From the creation of your own, unique, 30 card dueling deck, picked from the pool of amazing 681 fully playable and absolutely unique cards, that requires more than a couple of things taken into consideration to pairing it up with a hero of your preference based on your deck and the heroes abilities to leveling those same heroes, unlocking more of their powers with every level they gain and providing them with the means to use more powerful spells boosting your combat efficiency and dominating you enemies with less and less effort with every next level.

What is our Hack offering?

Plain and simple, we give you a fast way to build and strengthen your deck and heroes by providing you with a safe and simple online based HearthStone gold hack. Our small team consists of HearthStone players and we realized how tedious it can get when you option to change your existing playstyle for a new one and have to start building your new deck from scratch and experiment with all new tactics and strategies. Instead of doing this time consuming chore that eventually leads to a player getting tired of the game and the game becoming stale and repetitive, we decided to provide the players with a hack that allows infinite and frequent in-game gold generation per request. Use it to amass gold and buy card packs early so you can experiment with the playstyles and discover the one that suits you the best at the beginning and then play it as long as you feel like playing it and should you for some reason decide to change your style, no worries, grab more card packs until you have everything you need to make it work just as you had it pictured in your head.

Wait, how safe is this, can I get banned?!

OK, lets make this clear. Theoretically you can get banned for this or use of any 3rd party game content modifier. However, we are proud to state that no one has never ever complained or reported any kind of problem caused by our web generator. We take your security and privacy seriously, and we are working constantly to keep this HearthStone hack of ours up to date with the latest version of HearthStone - Heroes of Warcraft so that we can ensure that the problems and bugs are non existent. Also, the fact that our services use web servers is worth mentioning. This is important because by using this method, you are virtually invisible to the Blizzards server and anti cheat systems, so even if something goes bad(which, as stated above, never happened to us) there is absolutely nothing connecting you or your account to any game hacking or cheating activity that may have occurred on our behalf. With all the above stated, we state and promise to all of our current and future users that our services are 100% safe and successful!

So, how much will this cost me?

Are you joking? This is a hack made by gamers for gamers. All we want is that the HearthStone community continues to grow and people that are already playing to stay and have a fun experience . To give everyone a fair chance in competition since some people dont have that much free time like the rest of us to play and grind their way to the top but have the skills and the smarts to make the duels fun and challenging. Its all about gaming and having fun therefore, this hack is, and forever will be COMPLETELY FREE!


Our User Testimonials:

Picture of our user Linda Bailey

Linda Bailey

I really enjoy playing hearthstone with my boyfriend. We are playing it for a very long time and we both have decent decks of our own but we alos have some cards missing to complete and improve these even further. Since we are both unemployed and still in school we cant really afford to buy those card packs and win the cards that we need but it turns out we dont even have to, thanks to you ^^

Picture of our user Andrew

Andrew Reid

Thanks for the amazing chance! Im a very busy person and really dont have that much time to spend on this game that i like so much. Your hack made it possible for me to enjoy this one to its fullest without having to spend money. Honestly guys, thank you.

Picture of our user Stanley

Stanley Williams

Im kind of an obsessive game achieveist so this hs hack helped me a lot to obtain a lot of cards that i have been missing for some time now and had no luck in getting them the regular way. I can only say good things about this program and i will recommend it to anyone playing hs!


Q: How much time does the hack need to process my request?

A: Usually, mostly, pretty much always, you will get the gold you "ordered" in a matter of minutes, 5 or so, but sometimes when a couple of requests are handled at the same time it can take up to and hour or so but, rest assured that your gold will find its way to your account eventually.

Q: Should i be worried about my accounts privacy? What do i share with you by using your Hack?

A: We need your battle.net email but that is all we need. We will never ask for your password or any extra information about your/your account or send you anything to your email address. We keep our servers and site running by ourselves and dont rely on marketing and commercial stuff so we dont even store your email and any info you entered is forgotten after the hacking is completed.

Q: What do i need to use your HearhStone Gold Hack?

A: Since you are here, it means that you already have everything you need for this to work and that is, a web browser. No specific browser is required, it will work on any browser and on any OS that your PC or Mobile Device/Tablet or whatever you are using to play and browse the web are using. Also, beware of the services that are requiring you to download and install uncertified 3rd party members that may offer you services like ours, those services and sites are best avoided. We will never ask you to download any 3rd party software or modify your device in any way!

Q: Is the hack available 24/7?

A: Except for when we are doing a maintenance or updating the software, in which case the hack page will notify you with a big "site undergoing maintenance", our services are available 24/7. You can expect patches and maintenances following the HearthStone patches and updates, so on that day or the day or two after that its very likely to have a hack temporarily down for updates which usually wont take more than a couple of hours to complete so just be patient for a while.

Q: Can i get other things beside gold? Like card packs or arcane dust?

A: Unfortunately, for now, we only offer gold Hacks for the account. However, you can use the hack as many times as you like and get as much gold as you like, but no more than 20.000 at one time, and then use the gold to get plenty of card packs whose contents you can later turn to Arcane Dust. Know however that we are considering an option that lets you choose to add Arcane Dust as well as Gold to your account but, for now, its just a concept.

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